The M&Ms/Skittles sorting machine is now open source!

Ever since I published my candy sorting machine, I have received many inquiries about the source code and STL files that make it come alive. I have now (finally) created a Github repository through which most of the necessary files are available for download for free.

The repository can be accessed here and it includes the following files:

  • STL files for the parts that can be made using a 3D printer;
  • Arduino source code, including a calibration sketch;
  • A file with candy dimension measurements.

As always, I encourage anyone and everyone to inspect my work and to improve it. I also value your support and input, so if you manage to create your own version of this machine, please let me know!


2 thoughts on “The M&Ms/Skittles sorting machine is now open source!”

  1. Hi dude, i really like your job, and intend yo something similar for my proyect, but i cannot understand the sheets and the conections of the componentes, can you assist me, i really appreciate it

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