Below are some questions that are frequently asked.

Q: Can I buy the M&Ms and Skittles sorter / ClockSquared?
A: Currently, none of my creations are for sale. Building just one unit requires a tremendous amount of time and effort, which I’d rather spend on developing new projects. I also do not lend out my devicesĀ for fairs, shows or events where I can not be physically present.

Q: Can you share the models/source code for [x]?
A: Please check my blog page, where I have announced the open-source availability of several projects. The announcements include links to Github repositories, where the files can be downloaded.

Q: I want to build one of these! Can you help me with [x]?
A: I’m always willing to help you if you’re trying to re-create (or improve on) my projects. When sending your questions, please try to be specific, so that I can give detailed and accurate answers. Also, check out additional resources such as Reddit threads, where I also answer lots of questions.