ClockSquared schematic now available

A crop of the Clocksquared electronics schematic file

There have been no website updates this past year, which, I must admit, is a bit boring. However, during that time, I was busy travelling around the world. That definitely was not boring!

I am writing because I have been working to improve ClockSquared. I am working on a complete redesign of its internal parts, including the electronics. The new design will use a single PCB to accommodate all electronics including LEDs, Arduino, RTC and other peripherals/modules.

Over the years, many people have requested that I send them the schematic for ClockSquared’s electronics, but funnily enough, this file simply did not exist as I never bothered to create it. Moreover, the electronics are quite simple to understand. However, since a schematic file is an absolute necessity for PCB design, it has finally been done. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that a full schematic of ClockSquared’s electronics is now available in the ClockSquared Github repo as a PDF file.

The schematic accounts for all essential electronics and also has extra I/O connectors for peripherals such as a bluetooth module, additional I2C devices or an LDR sensor.

I am a bit new to PCB development, so I’m not entirely sure if this schematic is in line with common design/layout standards. I do know for sure that the actual wiring is correct, so no worries about that. I hope that this file will help more people to build their own ClockSquared!

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