ClockSquared is now open source!

If you’ve been following my projects, you must know ClockSquared, the second (and much improved) version of the original word clock. It did not receive as much attention as the original project, but has much better specifications.

I’m happy to announce that all files for this project are now open source on Github. This includes the software as well as the mechanical design files which are required to construct the clock itself. The mechanical design files are available in .prt format for Siemens NX as well as .stp (STEP), which is accepted by most other CAD software. Additionally, 2D PDF drawings are provided which should contain all information to manufcature any given part of the clock.

I hope this public release encourages more people to build their own clock and improve on my design and I’m looking forward to seeing those.

3 thoughts on “ClockSquared is now open source!”

  1. Hello, you presented a great project. I would be interested in ide cabling. Can you go into detail if it is possible? Would she like to copy. Thanks in advance.
    Thank Mike

    1. What do you mean by ‘ide cabling’? I do not have any wiring diagrams available but component wiring readily follows from the datasheets of the individual components that I used in the build.

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