Development of ClockSquared Mini

Summer break is here, and with some time to spare I decided to challenge myself with a project that I call “Clocksquared Mini”. It is Clocksquared, but in a tiny wristwatch package. This gives rise to a major challenge, as everything has to be shrunk down approximately ten times from a 300x300x50 mm to an approximately 35x35x7 mm package. Moreover, running everything off a tiny battery whilst maintaining an acceptable battery life also turns out to be quite difficult.

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ClockSquared schematic now available

There have been no website updates this past year, which, I must admit, is a bit boring. However, during that time, I was busy travelling around the world. That definitely was not boring!

I am writing because I have been working to improve ClockSquared. I am working on a complete redesign of its internal parts, including the electronics. The new design will use a single PCB to accommodate all electronics including LEDs, Arduino, RTC and other peripherals/modules.

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De weg naar Mars van SpaceX

SpaceX, een Amerikaans ruimtevaartbedrijf onder leiding van Elon Musk, is hard op weg om bemande ruimtereizen naar Mars mogelijk te maken. Waarom? Musk is van mening dat het maar saai is als wij als mensen voorgoed op aarde blijven. Zijn doel is om geavanceerde raketten en technologie te ontwikkelen die ruimtevoertuigen herbruikbaar maken, wat de weg vrijmaakt voor een toekomstige kolonie op de planeet Mars.

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